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Expert government proposal development focused on winning contracts. 

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Professional Proposal Writing Services

What you can expect

Since 1995, DKA has successfully deciphered thousands of Government solicitations for numerous industries, and developed hundreds of winning proposal responses.  We understand what it takes to consistently prepare proposals which meet and surpass the requirements and expectations of government contracting offices.  DKA will increase your chances of winning each government contract you pursue.

Proposal Development Services

Development of the written proposal response encompassing technical, management, quality control, past performance, cost, and any other requirements of the solicitation, utilizing our client’s input which is specific to the way the client does business.

All proposals are outlined, collaborated upon, reviewed from an evaluator’s standpoint, revised, and ultimately submitted in the optimal form.

Post-Submittal Support

DKA offers full post-submittal phase support, including common contracting office requirements such as Clarification Requests and/or Deficiency Reports (CRs/DRs), Best and Final Offer (BAFO)/Final Proposal Revision (FPR), preparation assistance for oral presentations and pre-award survey preparation.

Post-Award Support

DKA’s full-coverage post-award support includes assistance with the preparation of plans and procedures required by the agency either prior to the contract start (Quality Control, Staffing, Management, Personnel and Subcontractor Recruitment, Vendor/Supplier Acquisition, Contract Phase-in/Transition Plans, etc.) or after, such as negotiation and preparation of contract modifications, personnel and subcontractor recruitment, vendor/supplier acquisition and ongoing technical and administrative support throughout the life of the contract.


DKA routinely conducts thorough research on contracting opportunities to determine how and whether to proceed, encompassing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) research, solicitation analysis for specific requirements, researching available contracting resources at the Federal, State, County and local levels, and agency-specific monitoring.